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Ok so yes-I am definitely fiddling in PS since my camera is off to the shop for repair.

I am trying to feel this definition instead of the other possibilty when I say I am feeling blue:)

Got sent this today from Wisdom News. I heart Lisa C.

"All cases are unique, and very similar to others."

-T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)

I find this to be true every day of my life. We're each living our individual lives, going about our business, and our families- and when we take time to connect with each other, we find out that so often we're going through the same things! We can relate to each other, because in a way we're living out the same scenarios. It helps to share our experiences, rather than to feel that we're in it alone.

-Lissa Coffey

This is why we blog eh?

i feel an empty space where reading all my favorite blogs resided in my day.

I just can't seem to tear myself away from the flow I am in for my business.
I feel Christmas shoppers on my heels and think it would be a shame not to have my website ready.

I miss you dear blog friends I truly do.


Blogger Left-handed Trees... said...

Just keep going...

8/21/2007 10:07 AM  
Blogger daisies said...

but that is the beauty of blogging, we can be around when we have time or when we need it and we can be absent when the pull of life and art; work and family tugs harder :) its all good ... like delia says, 'just keep going' ... you inspire me so much with your beautiful art .. xox

8/21/2007 11:16 AM  
Anonymous ceanandjen said...

Oh my goodness, if this does not just totally sum up with we have been talking about for the last two weeks.

I am LOVING this series that you are doing sans camera...really really fabulous.

This is why we blog...and we understand....

Lots of love honey.xoxoxo

8/21/2007 12:50 PM  
Blogger Star said...

So true. My blog and I are separated at the moment also, but I have the same wish that old blog friends will still be there when I am able to return.

I'm sure you are learning and growing while your "little one" is away.

Christmas shoppers...yup, just around the corner.

8/21/2007 1:30 PM  
Blogger Boho Girl said...

mmmm...love this photo babes.

so glad you are anticipating a busy Christmas for you. such good manifesting in those words.

i am going to go drool at your Etsy now...

love you.
toe to toe.

8/22/2007 1:31 AM  
Blogger turquoise cro said...

LOVIN' this pic Thea! The blue against the white of your hand, this is one of my FAV!!! and CAN YOU BELIEVE I haven't had a BLUEBERRY all spring or summer!!! I am going to REMEDY that soon! LOVE and kisses to YOU too sweet girly, I really appreciated your soft words of encouragement on my Blog, was YOU up in the weeeeeee hours too???!!!!Sweet Dreams darling!((((Thea)))))

8/22/2007 2:06 AM  
Blogger Schmoops said...

what a truly gorgeous photo. you are such a talent. if/when we ever meet i will want you to give me a photoshop tutorial... hee hee


8/22/2007 9:15 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I love the little teeny-tiny words! Very cool!

8/23/2007 2:11 PM  

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