Update in list form

1. A little over a week ago one of my hard drives crashed. The hard drive that contained ALL of my fine art photographs, ALL my marketing materials, my online client records (thank goodness I keep hard copies). I am still trying to recover emotionally. I am holding on to the hope that someday I will meet a computer genius that is just itching for a photographer to trade with or that I hit the lotto. I just can't bare the idea of having lost my flower photographs forever.

I still have small versions for jewelry but not the larger high res versions.

2. I just posted pics from a photosession with the amazing and talented artist Sarah Ahearn on my photo blog.

3. Our laptop computer crashed/died the day after the hard drive crashed. Hence now I have no ability to get online unless holed upstairs in my studio.

4. The past two weeks it has been mostly damp and cold. The one day it was sunny, I felt so happy. Trey and I went to the park and enjoyed the sun, blue sky, leaves and playing.

5. I love when my boy wants to work sitting side by side, listening to music.


Blogger Megan said...

OH NO!!!!!! I'm so sorry! My father is an I.T. guy and he fixes that stuff. I'll talk to him about it to see what he might offer up. He saved my laptop once back when I had a PC and the motherboard died thanks to my dog peeing on it. We had to send it out for repair, but he was able to "ghost" the hard drive and saved all of my portfolio and data that was on there. I might give him your contact info so he can contact you directly. I'm not sure if he has the time, but I'll put in a good word!

10/25/2009 3:37 PM  

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