Handle your heart with care, for the love it holds is delicate
on days things feel fuzzy
lay on a grassy hill
let the sun shine through
the gauzy curtain of your hair
listen to the birds
sing their song of freedom
wrap your arms close
and let go
roll down the grassy hill
dried leaves will cling to the strands of your hair
breathe deep the smell of the earth
and then

This is for all of us that feel a bit fuzzy, confused and lost.

It has been a strange few days. My own overwhelm and confusion, a dear friends heart being pushed to it's limits. In all of this seeming chaos, rolling down the hill in my backyard and reading these two clear messages has balmed my soul a bit. What I keep getting from the universe is that it is time to be still. To let the answer come in the quietness.

From Denise....and Jen Lemen:
"Your soul has been through a great storm,but all is not lost,a kind light is coming soon,to bring you hope & life.You can rest now and wait...".~ Jen Lemen

and then from Christine:
"More than just knowing I made the right choice to self-publish, I am also being given a loud and clear message that the more I trust my work, my gut and my intuition, the more bountiful this journey will be, on every level. It has become such a powerful momentum that it is becoming part of the book - the story of all this, the story of how the book came to be. Because I sat still and listened to what my heart had to tell me about making my book real, the story of the book is growing in directions I hadn't anticipated, but now that it is being written that way, I can't imagine it being anything else."


Blogger Boho Girl said...

i am swooning over your *light* photos honey. they are dreamy.

i want a whole series of them in my kitchen someday...

i love you.

4/11/2008 10:42 AM  

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