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I wrote on my business blog here about this sketch.

I am trying to contribute to that blog a bit more since it is attached to my website.

I have been terrible about writing on the yahoo message board about my eating and exercise.

I was telling my husband this morning how different this has been for me. I am being moderate. I have cut back on the cheescake and icecream. LOL. Seriously, I was eating a lot of cheescake and ice cream. I have been going to my exercise class 2x a week-except today-I had too much work to do, to spend the few sparse hours without my non stop chattering, question asking, toddler-running to and from the gym for a 1 hr class.

But that is ok. You know why? Because this is a lifelong thing I am aiming for. Moderation, health, happiness and balance.

I was 153.5 this am. I am happy that I can feel skinny at 153.5. I catch myself in the mirror and I see my arms and waist looks less bloated. It is great!

I still think I look and feel healthiest at 135-138 but hey, I feel good and am going in the right direction so I am going to enjoy it.

So to sum it up-I grab a slim fast shake for breakfast or lunch if i notice I am hungry and don't have time to have a big salad-or sometimes I just don't feel like a salad. I am aiming for one big serving of veggies and one of fruit a day to start. I am not beating myself up for wanting or having a handful or two of chips, and this allows me to stop at that amount instead of scarfing the whole bag because I thing the day is shot. Luna bars are also chock full of protein and fiber and satisfy that sweet craving. At night I have been having a tootsie roll and tea. As my weight goes down I very well may have to clean things up even more, but for right now not eating a half cheescake or two cups of ice cream are way good enough.


Blogger Kirsten Michelle said...

i love this new sketch and i'm happy that you're finding some balance with the food and exercise and that you're seeing results. i'm such an extremist that it's a daily battle toward moderation...but I'm trying really hard ;-)
happy spring, beautiful you!!!

3/20/2008 11:54 AM  
Blogger kristen said...

keeping the balance, knowing that it's a lifestyle change is what has been working for me. i'd love to say more, but don't want to clog your comments...xo

3/20/2008 12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very cool sketch hon... :)

so proud of you for being able to embrace moderation...you're doing it, and the unwanted pounds are coming off.... :)

xxoo g
*sorry i missed you today --- :( will try to call you again in a bit

3/20/2008 1:30 PM  
Blogger Melba said...

Yes, you are so right, the key to life long healthy eating habits is moderation.

3/20/2008 2:57 PM  
Anonymous Right Brained Gal said...

Love the sketch, and I can identify with the eating. I crave sugar so much, it's scary. By just cutting out the sweets, I have accomplished so much. Keep up the good work.

3/21/2008 3:38 AM  
Blogger Darlene said...

Good for you sweet girl!!!
As the weather gets better...walk walk walk

you're going to be such a healthy little monkey!!! :)

love to you,

3/21/2008 9:26 AM  

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