The Portfolio Project

I stumbled across the Portfolio Project today. I wrote here that Jen Lee's writing class was the only class I took at Squam.

I fell head over heels for her and she inspired me to write. She made me feel brave.

I have been looking for some pod casts to listen to while editing. My computer is upstairs and at night I hear my husband watching tv and long so much for company. Many a night I succumb and go cozy up on the couch by him, but I really could use a few efficient hours of work at night-at least some nights.

So I decided to listen to podcasts by the lovely Jen and Jen starting tonight.

And after the very first one, I am inspired by the idea of quantity over quality. I am going to write a post here every day. Not sure for how long, probably will be inspired when listening to more....but I think it is perfect to combine my writers block, with blogging and use Jen and Jen for inspiration:)

I am not going to worry about format or content. I am just going to blurt it out. giggle. Oh this is really really exciting. I feel giddy.

1. Yesterday a client let me try out their new 5d mark 11 for part of our shoot. OMG can you all join me in squealing AMAZING! This is so on my mental vision board.

2. It was gorgeous here today. After picking up my boy from school, I decided we should go apple picking since I have been sad we haven't gone yet this year.
I left my change in the car, but the goat thought he should show Trey what to do, just in case he did have some change.

3. I thought the cold meant we had the best foliage pass us already. I was soooo wrong. It is gorgeous here. The oranges and yellows are taking my breath away. There are two rotund round chubby maple trees on our side road that are full with perfect yellow leaves. I must take a photo tomorrow to show you. I just want to hug them.


Blogger Michelle Shopped said...

hey thea -- me again -- i really am not stalking you -- i'd been catching up on jen's blog after running into her at squam and last w/e was revisiting the portfolio project, something i'd like to do, too...hope to catch up more later -- time for fresh air now...

10/27/2009 11:11 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

I love that too, quanitity over quality. Lately I've been in a creative rut and my gremlins have kept me in for fear of not producing quality. Time to put them to bed!

10/27/2009 3:12 PM  

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