Dictionary of an image ~ Namaste

This is an old picture I came across last night when trying to organize some of my pictures for galleries on my website.

I haven't writrten alot here about how I think my inlaws have come across this blog. It has made me more aware of what I write. How I come across. It has been a bit tough for me to edit myself in this way.

Last night I the fatigue of working tirelessly caught up with me.

My son has decreased his nap time significantly-my twice a week sitter went back to highschool -I don't have family around-and my son is really hitting the place where he gets frustrated easily.

So here I am at 4:30 am - up to get a bit of alone time, before the world around me stirs.

There has been some progress with the website but not much to show for it.

I have been spending so much time on the business end that I have begun to doubt my photography skills. I want all my catalogue pictures to be better. I want all of my photographs to be better.

Being a perfectionist is a tough thing.

So here I am taking a moment to get it out so I can move forward.



Anonymous acumamakiki said...

I saw this beautiful photo on flickr last night. Please don't doubt your photography skills honey, you've got a wonderful eye and you WILL be a success, have faith, we all do. I love the new banner - your birds are so intriguing!

I'm sorry about your son giving up his naps. When my girl gave up hers, it was very hard on me (not to mention hard on her because she was so cranky). But in the end, it was liberating - I was so scheduled that we were able to do a lot more in our day without being beholden to my nap schedule. But I hear you on waking up early, early to get some quality time alone. xo

9/17/2007 7:17 AM  
Blogger carla said...

Ah...the loss of nap time...I remember that! As far as doubting your skills... well, every artist goes through that! We get so immersed in our work that we can't be objective. Then the little voices start saying bad things and we listen. Have you ever considered starting a critique group? It's great to get praise about how beautiful work is, but constructive criticism is what propels us forward. I think there is much to learn and share in critique situations.

Anyway, I think you photography is stunning! And thank you for stopping by...it's so nice to see a sweet post from you:>

9/17/2007 11:09 AM  
Blogger Star said...

Don't fall into doubts. I love the photo I have of yours and know your skill and unique eye will not let you down.


9/17/2007 3:41 PM  
Blogger Kirsten Michelle said...

It sounds as though you are working through some major transitions, Thea...
remember to be gentle with yourself.

You have an amazing talent!!!
Your photos are simply breathtaking...
and your new banner is gorgeous.

Gather the support you need.
And remember that every step, no matter how small, is moving you closer to your dream.

Hang in there!!!

9/17/2007 10:58 PM  
Blogger Kirsten Michelle said...

Me again...
I forgot to send you hugs ;-)

{{{ HUGS }}}

9/17/2007 11:04 PM  
Blogger Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...

Hi, Thea! I haven't commented here very often, but I thought I'd say this: I LOVE your photography, your choice of colors and the dreamy quality of it all... You have an incredible eye for detail! btw ~ Namaste is right! :) Because the light in your work salutes the light in my soul! It's incredible to share that connection (even if silently). And that only happens when we put ourselves out there to play with our unique gifts, right? Never stop... You are magic! (And then, there is the sweet dancing too, of course...)

9/18/2007 1:00 PM  
Blogger daisies said...

that photo is stunning!! i heart your new banner :)

my inlaws also read my blog, it was published in our city paper last december and suddenly i was public in a big way and old friends and family started emailing me ... i try and pretend they don't read because i don't want to censor myself or who i am. and its been fine.

then i found out that some 12 year old girls from my son's performing arts school were reading me and taking inspiration from my poems and that freaked me out ~ i had to examine whether what i was putting out there was approrpriate and then again i came to the point where i realized that i am just being me and its all okay ...

hope you are sleeping better and doubting yourself less because your photography and art are amazing, truly inspiring and inspired ... xox

9/19/2007 1:51 PM  
Blogger Di Mackey said...

I can relate to what you are feeling. I guess we need to the times of doubt to make us sure of where we are heading? But I could sure do with less doubting :)

Beautiful image.

9/20/2007 3:15 AM  

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