For a long time I have been getting my hair highlighted. i was a blond as a child, and I always felt I looked better blond.

The most annoying part about it, is roots. It seems like by the end of the first week after it is done my roots are screaming at me when I look in the mirror.

Lately I haven't been feeling very good about my appearance/weight so I started thinking about getting my hair closer to my natural color so I would feel better looking in the mirror and not seeing any roots:)

I have a new hair stylist and let me tell you I adore her. Everything about her is great. Here are a few shots I took of her right before my appointment.

She is so easy to laugh with.

When I got home I wanted Terry to take a photograph of me since it has been a while since I have felt pretty and I loved my hair cut and color.

I have been playing around with new lighting so we used the setup and he took a few of me. One of the things I love about him so much is how we laugh together. When I went to edit I had to giggle at how similar these two sets of photos were. I guess it explains why I like her so much.